Kanoya Barairo Design Market
brochure, wayfinding, bookbinding workshop
A design event promoting local artists + businesses through a weekend revival of the "Shutter Town" in the heart of Kanoya City. The draw brought many city dwellers to the country side in a handshake gesture of exchanging conversation, ideas and work alongside good food and good company.

The planning committee needed a small brochure that could be quickly reproduced for the event. This ended up as a simple gate-fold A4 sheet which allowed the viewer to quickly flip back andforth between the event map and referenced venue descriptions. After handing over the files for print, the committee staff took the basic design cues and printed corresponding wayfinding posters at the last minute.

I also participated in the event by holding a bookbinding workshop in a shuttered pachinko parlor. It was a great feeling to hold an event in a space tied to the history of the city.

A collaboration Takujiro Maehara of Araheam