UNIQLO Barcelona
Art Direction, Design
The UNIQLO Creative Team was tasked with developing the Store Opening materials for UNIQLO Barcelona, the brand's first introduction to the Spanish market. In order to help the brand integrate into the local community, creative was developed that could both speak to the local visual language and the brand's Japanese roots.

In doing so, UNIQLO hoped to place itself alongside the ubiquitous "Flor de Barcelona" street tiles, designed originally by renouned architect and planner Josep Puig i Cadafalch and ESCOFET, creating a special logo lock-up to support the opening communication materials. 

To further extend the metaphor, we collaborated with Barcelona’s local Hey Studio, commissioning a series of illustrations depiciting traditional interior floor tiles.

The end result was a duality of visual languages and perspectives: From outside, respectfully observing as newcomers, and From within, sharing this beautiful, local vernacular with the world.


Opening Promotion Materials
Key visual, Construction Hoarding, Shopping Bag, Leaflet, Tote Bag, Novelty Uchiwa fan, and Tenugui (towel)

Opening PR Materials
Pre-Opening and Press Event Materials, VIP Gift Box + Message Card