UT Jason Polan
2021 Collection
Art Direction, Design
Jason Polan was an exceptionally talented artist and a genuinely kind person. He had the rare gift of making the most everyday things beautiful and interesting. It was an extension of the way he lived his life. 

After Jason’s untimely passing, UT wanted to create a collection that would both celebrate his life and spread his work across the world. From there a collection that featured his iconic illustrations from his time drawing in both NYC and Tokyo.

Wanting to convey not only how great Jason’s artwork is, but also how great of a person Jason truly was, this leaflet features a “zine” style insert as well as large leaf pages featuring the collection itself. Included are interviews by friends and family, highlights from Jason’s career, and his work together with UNIQLO. The center spreads featured four tearable pages which could be used to draw freely and join the World’s Biggest Drawing Club, inspired from Jason’s own “Taco Bell Drawing Club”

This dual approach was also carried to video formats, expanding on the leaflet with two works created including product-focused lovable motion graphics, and a short documentary Remembering Jason Polan by acclaimed director and cinematographer Wilson Cameron.

Key Visual, Leaflet, Product Photography, In-store and Event Materials, Video direction

This project could not have been possible without the kindness of Jason’s friends and family, Risa from Bee’s Knees, Wilson Cameron, Atsushi, Kix, Nick, Motomura-san and the entire UT team.

Film by Wilson Cameron